Aspire International Group

A registered company in the United Kingdom
Headquartered in London, UK

Intended to provide a comprehensive approach for all interested institutions and organizations on a one-on-one and group basis

Aspire International Group (AIG) is an international admission counseling, career coaching and business consultancy service provider for 20+ years.

We aim to provide comprehensive academic and professional consultancy services from career choosing at high school to entering professional business after graduation, including high school admissions, college admissions, post-graduate admissions, career coaching, professional development and successful business development.

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If You Want to

Develop strong academic skills and backgrounds to pursue a college degree 

Enter into top colleges and universities around the world

Become business professionals after graduation

Build successful academic & professional careers overall

Ultimately be supported and integrated citizens within the society

Benefit Our

Short or long-term counseling, coaching and training for individuals

Educational and professional consultancy programs for organisations

Comprehensive, supportive and integrative approach throughout

What We Do?

Aspire Counselors & Coaches are here to guide you with your personal and professional counseling and consultancy needs. We aim to offer the best customized, individualized and institutionalized services per our client request.

Our activities, services and project offerings include, but not limited to: 

  • Admission counseling
  • Career coaching 
  • Personal training 
  • Workshop programs & activities 
  • Business consultancy
  • Online instructional modules 
  • Online B2B interaction modules

Our Work Flow

Step 1 – You schedule an initial 15-minute FREE exploratory meeting with us ONLINE. 

Through an initial meeting with us, we would start exploring your opportunities for success academically and professionally. 

Step 2 – Conduct the meeting

During our initial consultation, we will: 

  • Assess your profile and academic/professional goals 
  • explain details about our services and programming that is applicable to you
  • Share the next steps about navigating admission and career coaching  process 

Step 3 – We develop an offer for you. 

After we complete our initial meeting, we develop an offer for you. With our offer, you would find our proposed service timeline, steps and payment details.   

Step 4 – Start working together

When our offer is accepted by you, we start working with you together. 

Our Team & Partners

Our team consists of highly experienced college counsellors and professional career coaches while we work with several international teams and partners based all over the Globe. 

We are proudly established partnership with our well-respected partners worldwide.  Some of our current partners include, but not limited to, the following

Language Schools & Training Program:

-Kaplan Language International (UK, USA, EU, Australia, Canada)

-Oxford House College (UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia)

Kings Education (UK, USA)

Bath Academy (UK)

-Rose of York (UK)

-Leicester Academy (UK)

High Schools & Further Education Institutions

Kaplan Pathways (UK, USA, EU, Australia, Canada)

-Kings Education (UK, USA)

Bath Academy (UK)

-Wellington Academy (UK)

Colleges and Universities (in progress):

-UCAS Institutions (UK)

-University of Essex (UK)

-University of East London (UK)

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Aspire International Group (AIG) is an international admission counseling, career coaching and business consultancy service provider for 20+ years.