Aspire Admission Roadmap

Aspire Counseling aims to approach each application process with the following steps in mind for undergraduate and graduate degree programs. This 10-step approach is fully provided as part of the full application package. Nonetheless, each step below may be offered as an Ala-Carte service for interested students


Holistic & Personalized Roadmap

We start by understanding everything there is to know about you. Of course, we’ll cover the basics – your classes, test scores, and extracurriculars – but we go so much deeper than that. We want to understand who you are as a person – what your childhood was like, your life ambitions, what you do for fun, and more. This is going to shape your application, and we don’t skimp on details. After your initial assessment, we will assist you to build a holistic and personalized roadmap, based on your age, academic credentials, extracurriculars, language acquisitions, and career aspirations. 


Timeline Management

Each application has multiple steps – including planning, brainstorming, editing, and finalizing – and we make sure you’re on track every step of the way. Managing multiple college applications with their unique deadlines and requirements can be frustrating. We make it easy for you, tracking every task you need to finish and making sure you have plenty of time to spare. 


Academic Test Preparations

According to your personalized college roadmap, you will be working on achieving your test scores such as SAT, ACT, AP or course specific exams required for admissions. International non-native speakers may need to take additional language exams, so we will be there to assist you scheduling and guiding you for your language tests as well!


School Selection Strategy

It’s important to choose a range of schools that match your interests and balance your chances of getting in. We will build out a customized school shortlist by researching schools that fit into a complete admissions strategy. This may include schools that offer great financial aid for your unique situation, special programs for your interests, or reach/safety schools.


Full Essay & Letter Service

For every essay you have to write for each college application, we’ll give the full treatment. We’ll brainstorm topics, before writing, editing and finalizing essays prior to submission. Through revisions with us, you’ll craft the perfect essays that make you stand out. We will also guide you to draft and revise your other necessary documents in your application, such as a personal statement and intent letter. We’ll also teach you what leads to top-tier recommendation letters and form a winning strategy for getting them


Application Package & Portfolio Review

Every piece of your application matters because it forms a complete picture. We will make sure that each application material is placed within your application folder, including audio visual materials and portfolios. We review every piece of your application, from descriptions of extracurricular activities and your awards to checking for typos before submission. When you click Submit, you’ll be confident you left no stone unturned.


Interview Preparation

The interview is a test to evaluate you face-to-face as a person. There are many ways to disappoint here and make unintentional mistakes. We’ll prep you on the most common interview questions for every school you apply to, and practice so you get comfortable.



Where possible, we will guide you to apply for the available scholarships, bursaries and studentships, including the preparation of necessary documents.  This may not be offered by all colleges and universities. Nonetheless, we will be happy to provide this service to our students who opt in with our full admission packages.


Financial Aid Negotiation

We will be exploring the opportunities for you to follow financial aids opportunities, where applicable, for your application. Also, we will assist you to meet financial requirements of the admitting colleges. Once you are accepted into a college, the financial aid package you receive may not be necessarily the best one you could get. We’ll take all your acceptances and help you communicate with the schools , so you would end up getting the best financial aid offer at your top-choice school.


Your Final Decision

As you reach the final cornerstone of your admission roadmap, we will certainly be there to guide you to make the best decisions for the college admissions you received. We’ll arrange college visits, if necessary, and help you evaluate all the pros and cons regarding your offers so you’ll make a decision you won’t regret. If you’re waitlisted or rejected, it’s not necessarily out of your hands. You can still pull out all the stops to maximize your chance of getting admitted. We’ll guide you through how to contact schools and convince them you’re the one they need to admit.

Aspire International Group (AIG) is an international admission counseling, career coaching and business consultancy service provider for 20+ years.